Tuesday, April 21, 2009

9 months in, 9 months out

In one of the books I read when I was pregnant the author proposed the idea that in addition to the 9 months of gestation humans require before birth, there is also a 9 month external gestation required before human babies are to the point of development that many other species reach at birth. It has something to do with our head size vs. pelvis size which makes it necessary for human babies to be born such helpless little things, while other animals are born and begin walking the same day. The author argued that parents should treat those 9 months after birth as a time to cuddle and hold and nurture and keep their babies near. And basically that it is not possible to spoil a baby. 

I found this idea to be so beautiful and have thought of it often over these past nine months of Asher's life. I have held him close and nurtured and nursed him. He has slept by my side, curling his little body into mine. We have spent every day together. And every night. He is secure in the knowledge that his mother is near. 

As the months have gone by, he's developed and grown as he should. And it seems everyday he can do something a little better or something else entirely new. He becomes more curious and more independent by the minute. Amazingly enough, the past few days I have noticed a marked difference in him. He wants me near, even crying when I leave the room, but he wants to explore more and more. I can see how he is beginning to need me just a little less. He nurses a bit less often. He no longer needs to be rocked to sleep. 

Fortunately, he is still my baby for awhile yet, not quite ready to be rid of me entirely. He doesn't like to be left alone even for a minute. He scoot/crawls over to me when he doesn't want to play with his toys anymore. He kisses my cheeks and lips with a big open slobbery mouth. He pats my face or pulls my hair to wake me up in the morning. He will happily stand against my legs as I sit on the couch. He holds me tight and lays his head on my chest when we take a shower together. There is still nothing better than mama's milk.

I am so blessed to be Asher's mother. I couldn't ask for a sweeter, happier, cuter, or more fun baby. I love him more everyday as I get to know him better every day and his little personality blooms. I can not imagine my life without him. Happy Nine Months, Asher Gabriel!


  1. This is beautiful, eloquent, sublime. Thank you for making a little friend for us.

  2. I love that last picture (and I hope Asher adjusts well this summer to sharing you with his siblings!)

  3. i can't believe he's 9 months! it seriously seems like you were just pregnant!

  4. very sweet -- the mama, the letter and the boy for whom it was written. love you guys!

  5. Katrina, I love every single picture in this post. He is such a gorgeous baby boy.
    I can't believe how much he's changed!

    I love the title, too, by the way :)