Saturday, January 1, 2011

what a start

This morning at approximately 2 am I awoke to the panicked sound of Asher's voice calling for his Daddy. Jared discovered Asher had thrown up all over himself and his crib. He cleaned him up and brought him into our bed. Thus began our 2011. Asher threw up pretty much hourly until 7 am. I had a towel and bowl ready but our bed still managed to need some serious laundering come morning. Luckily, after the first two rounds all that was left in his tummy was the little bit of water and breastmilk he drank during the night.

He's refused all food today but did manage to keep down water and milk for most of the day- he only threw up once this evening. We spent the day on the couch cuddled up watching movies--Star Wars and Wall-E. I'm hoping tonight is not a repeat of last night and that tomorrow Asher will be back to his usual self. And I especially hope that the rest of us don't get the same bug.

And just because she's pretty, here's a pic I snapped of Miriam today.
I should also note, that despite getting woken up several times during the night by her sick brother, she was always super happy and has been a peach all day.


  1. oh shoot! Avery had the exact same thing. must be going around. And seriously...miriam is one beautiful child.

  2. The sick part sucks, but I just had to tell you that that is one of the prettiest pictures I've seen of your little girl!