Wednesday, January 5, 2011

christmas 2010

We spent Christmas with my parents and siblings in New Mexico this year. Because the big kids spent Christmas with their mom this year, we had room in our car to bring my two brothers down with us. We were going to leave Monday the 20th but heard snow was on the way so last minute we decided to leave Sunday night and drive through the night! I have never done that before but the idea of having Asher and Miriam sleep most of the way and not having to drive through snow was enough to tempt us. It actually went quite smoothly although it all sort of felt like a dream once we got there in the morning. And we beat the snow!

I'm really bad about taking pictures when I'm with my family. We mostly just hung out a lot at my parents house. Of course I did take pictures on Christmas eve and morning. We actually opened presents about 8 which is SUPER late for my family. Usually someone wakes everyone up by 6:30. Opening presents in daylight was great!

These first three are from Christmas Eve.

I love these pics of Miriam with my dad. Adorable!

Trick rider!

Asher's new bike!

Christmas dinner with our crowns from the poppers.

By the end of the week, Miriam was finally letting my mom and sisters hold her for more than a minute. She got her first taste of sugar on accident here. My mom didn't think she'd be able to break through the plastic. And the fact that Miriam actually laid her head on my mom's shoulder is a huge deal! She usually doesn't cuddle with anyone but me.

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