Wednesday, September 22, 2010

blue eyes and bubbles

Miriam is an expert spit bubble maker. She can make some seriously big ones. And she's really good at doing multiple bubbles at the same time. She's talented, what can I say? What's even cuter is how when Asher sees her making them, he points at her excitedly and exclaims, "Bubbles!" Bubbles of any variety happen to be one of his favorite things.

Aren't her blue eyes pretty? I'm not so secretly hoping they stay blue. Selfishly mostly for photographic reasons. Blue eyes are so fun to photograph. Asher's didn't start turning brown until he was 6 months so I won't get my hopes up. And brown or hazel eyes are nice too. So uh, if Mimi's turn, don't tell her I once wished them blue.

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