Sunday, August 1, 2010

the last birthday candles until winter

In our family, we have somehow managed to have 5/7 birthdays in June or July. You ready for this?
Miriam- June 23
Isaac- June 26
Grace- July 20
Asher- July 21
Jared- July 29

That is a lot of birthdays in just over a month's time! Fortunately, Olivia and I are in December and January respectively to help spread things out a bit. 

On a side note, after Miriam was born just three days before Isaac's birthday and Asher having been born the day after Grace's, Olivia asked when we were going to have a baby for HER birthday. I said, "Fat chance! While I don't want any more summer babies, I really hope I don't have a baby in the middle of winter either!"  I'm shooting for April or May next time around. I've decided Spring is the perfect time to have a baby (at least in these parts) because its nice outside, you are pretty much past flu season, but you don't have to be pregnant in the heat of summer!

So Jared's was the last of the big birthday season around here. We celebrated by going to lunch and then out to see Inception. (GREAT movie! A must see for sure!) Asher played at my grandparents and Mimi came along with us to the theater. 

Friday night when the big kids were here we had Jared's always requested key lime pie birthday "cake". Check him blowing the candles out whilst holding two children. He's got skills.

So Happy Birthday once again, my dear! But I am ready for a break from birthdays!

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  1. And I thought my family was bad--we've got Isaac on July 14, me on July 27, and Jules on August 7. I'll stop complaining. :-)