Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

It's World Breastfeeding Week! If you've read this blog for anytime at all you know that I am huge supporter of breastfeeding. I feel so strongly that it is the very best way to feed our babies. I want all mothers to feel supported and get the help they need to breastfeed successfully. I also want breastfeeding to be viewed as completely normal so that more women feel comfortable nursing wherever they need to.

Over on I am asking for mamas to send in photos of them nursing their babes for a special post this Friday. See the details here and send me your pics! 

If you live in Salt Lake, The Breastfeeding Cafe is going on for the next two weeks at the Main City Library. Four of my breastfeeding photos are on display along with photos by Timbra Wiist and Alisha Stamper. Here is the calendar of events

I plan on going soon and will post about it again once I do, but I have a sick toddler today so we will be doing lots of cuddling and movie watching at home. And lots of nursing! I'm so glad that I have lots of milk because that is about all Asher will eat right now. Poor little guy. He's been sick so rarely in his life and this is first time since last fall. Its weird to have him so mellow when he's usually running all over the place. Hopefully he'll be better real soon.

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