Monday, August 9, 2010

four generations

A couple weeks ago we headed up to Midway to see some of Jared's extended family. Lots of his cousins were in town so we all met up at a park near Nana's house. Nana is Jared's dad's mom. (got that?) Jared's dad passed away several years before we met, so I never knew him, but I love the Andersons. They are good people. :-)

This is picture of Nana, Jared, and Miriam. 3 of the 4 generations from Nana to Miriam. I love this photo. I wish Jared's dad could be in it too. 

I also love this photo of Nana. She's so happy!
Just a little tidbit about her. She sends cards to ALL her many, many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren on their birthdays. I don't know the grand total, but its A LOT to keep track of! 


  1. Hi my name is Lindsay and I just wanted to tell you I read your blog a little bit ago and I think it is so cool that you got to have your girl at home you are so lucky because she was breeched. I had my son at home and loved it but I worry if that will happen with the next one but you gave me a little hope, thanks.

  2. Love these pics! What a fun party with so many good (and fun) people! Thanks for coming, especially with such a new little one - she is beautiful! :)