Tuesday, August 10, 2010

breastfeeding cafe

Last week I mentioned the Breastfeeding Cafe going on right now at the Main City Library here in Salt Lake.
It is an outreach project of the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition. 
The goals of the Cafe are to…
1. Show that breastfeeding is normal
2. Inspire thought and conversation about breastfeeding
3. Encourage relationships among breastfeeding advocates

 When I heard about the Cafe I thought it would be a great place to show some of the photos I've taken for At Mother's Breast. I contacted the organizers and they were really excited about the idea. Two other photographers (Timbra Wiist and Alisha Stamper) were also involved with the Cafe and so all three of us have photos on display. 

And yes that is me in one of the photos. Alisha asked if she could photograph me and Miriam. She does large format film photography in her studio. It is all very controlled and deliberately set up. I just showed up and did what she told me. Don't I look very dramatic and exotic wrapped up in my sling like that? ;-)

The theme of the Cafe this year is "Our Baby Friendly Community". The back wall has logos of local businesses that have committed to being baby and therefore breastfeeding friendly. 

The Cafe is a great place to meet other breastfeeding moms, get info about breastfeeding, baby wearing, birth options, etc. Here is a link to the events calendar for the remaining days of the Cafe. It goes until the 15th.

Yesterday afternoon when I was there, a reporter and photographer stopped by from KSL's Studio 5. I'm not sure when the piece will be on. Hopefully they'll do a good job portraying what the Cafe is all about.

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  1. Hey I couldn't see or pull up your pics, how do I see them?