Friday, August 6, 2010

floral friday

I promised you flowers from my grandma's garden and that's what you are going to get the next few weeks. I took all these just a few days before Miriam was born when we were hanging out at her house one Sunday afternoon. My grandma happens to be rather famous for her beautiful garden. Instead of grass, my grandparents entire front yard is a flower garden surrounding a patio. We used to love playing in it as kids. It was like being in an enchanted forest.

This is the view along the street. 
I'm now wishing I had taken more photos of the entire yard, instead of just flower close ups.

I'll have more photos in the weeks to come, but for today here's a look at Grandma Teddy's red, red roses. 
(Hmm.... not sure how these are looking on your screen, but they are looking way glary after uploading them to the web. Oh well. Red is hard to capture. They are prettier in person!)

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