Tuesday, June 22, 2010

hogle zoo

Seeing as how the Grandparents are in town and my mom loves the zoo, AND we have a zoo pass, we thought we'd hit it up today.
Plus, I figure the walking might aid in encouraging labor. A girl can hope, right?

Upon entering the gates of Utah's Hogle Zoo one is met with this lovely spherical fountain thing. Kids (and dads) love this thing. Here you see my hoard (plus some extras) attempting to change the rotation of the ball. The photo of Grace is merely to show off my french braiding skills. I did well, no?

Then of course we saw some animals--it being the zoo and all.

When we tried to exhibit Asher he attempted to eat his way out. Just like the wild man/animal he is.

We took pity on him and just made him pose for photo ops instead.

Now what all the kiddos not-so-patiently waited for--a ride on the carousel.
Apparently, they were not as enthused as they thought they'd be. 
Are these the faces of pure joy or what?

Next time we go we promised to take them on the train ride. Perhaps that will be met with more grateful enthusiasm.

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