Monday, February 15, 2010

boy in boots

Yesterday Jared was getting ready to go drop off Valentine's for the big kids who were at their mom's house. When Asher saw him heading for the door, he decided he was going to leave too. His plan? Wear Olivia's boots. He tried putting them on himself but of course couldn't quite do it alone, so Daddy assisted. Asher thought it was so great. He even walked around in them which I was impressed by. Is it possible that this kid just keeps getting funnier and more entertaining every day? He has the most darling little personality. We can't gush about him enough.


  1. I said before he didn't look much like you or your husband, but I changed my mind. He looks a lot like you. What a cutie.

    Sorry I haven't emailed you about getting together. I'm stranded without a car most days these days. I would like to soon.

  2. That picture is HILARIOUS!

    And the Boy keeps trying to put on my shoes too...what is it with these boys?

  3. oh that darling! Avery does that too. So funny.

    Also, your belly is looking great and I am laughing about how big your maternity (are they?) jeans are on you. You are still tiny!

  4. Its a maternity skirt actually, but yeah it's still big. I'm in that awkward in between where my regular stuff is getting uncomfortable but maternity wear is too big.

  5. Garrett has been doing the same thing...he walked around all evening with one of AC's boots. We'll have to have them do a shoe show for us! :) I can't wait to hear what you choose to name that sweet pea in the pod! xoxo, trina