Tuesday, January 26, 2010

more of my hazel-eyed boy

Asher has really cool eyes. They have always been really dark and over the 18 months of his life have gone from newborn blue to navy blue to blue with a touch of goldish brown to their current hazel mixture of brown and gray-blue. Most people think they are brown when they just glance at him because his eyes are so dark, but I assure you the gray-blue is still there on the outside. And then in true hazel fashion, sometimes they look quite green. I keep thinking the brown is going to take over completely, but it hasn't happened yet. We shall see. They've pretty much stayed as is for awhile now.

How precious is this face?

Not that I'm biased or anything.


  1. How cool. My mom used to tell me that the color of my eyes change with whatever color I am wearing. I've heard that some people's eyes change color with mood although I'm not sure if that is true...

  2. I"m always here and would comment a lot more, but Blogger does NOT like Tahiti at all. So I often have to just think lots of really nice things to you.

    The photos are BEaUtiful and the little boy is an absolute stunner. But let me tell, those pirate socks are making me laugh every time I bump over to your site. It's all too, too, too cute. All together. Cute. Isn't it all pinch me perfect sometimes--those grins and eyes and smiles that are totally for you and all that is good of life?

    Hopefully, you'll indulge me some shop talk.
    I'm also wondering. Where were you and camera positioned when you took the pictures? Did you have a wrangler working the smiles? (My boys keep saying to me, not the camera, I want to see your eyes Mom!) You had an awesome light source. Did you use a flash or reflector as well?

    Good luck with everything and all the many, many things your doing. But especially with mom to toddler and mom to be parts. I nursed while pregnant. Phew. It's tiring. I was actually glad when there was a natural stopping point and there was time to prepare him for the changes coming--at some point those little people become so determined to get bigger and grow older. Fiddlesticks on them! Though I always feel so soft about my "baby" that has to leave number one position when the new one comes. But it all works out. And love is amazing. It just grows.

  3. Clarifying. The first shot with post on Jan. 22 in which Asher is sitting in the chair. I'm curious about the angle on that one. (Of course, mimic is the highest form of flattery and I'm trying hard to mimic).

    And that is one heck of a great eye shot. The first photo on todays post.

    Do you take bad pictures? I think not.

  4. Yup, Very big and clearer than your FB.