Friday, January 22, 2010

18 months--my how time flies!

Check out my adorable little boy! He's not a baby anymore I'm afraid.

I recently was looking at some photos of him from last winter and realized how much he's grown up. He's not the chubby little baby anymore. He's a running, babbling toddler.

Oh man, do we love him!


  1. Aww Asher! How we love you so sweet boy! And I adore your lil' belly Katrina! So happy to hear you're feeling better...does that mean we have a playdate soon? :) xoxo, trina

  2. He's actually been going to nursery all month. Well he's been going longer than that but Jared would stay with him. Then a few weeks ago Jared and to sub for a sunday school class and I'm in primary so they said Asher could just stay in nursery. He's been really good so far, as long as Jared drops him off and not me. When I tried dropping him off on Sunday he cried. But when Jared took him back he was fine.