Tuesday, January 5, 2010

cars and flowers

On our way back from New Mexico, our car suddenly stopped changing gears when it got above about 50 mph. After calling my dad, Jared's step-dad, checking the transmission fluid, and calling a car shop, we determined our transmission had a lost a gear. We were forced to drive the rest of our trip home at 50 mph. Not fun. Especially once it got dark and started snowing and we were going through Price Canyon. And I got a migraine. I blame all the sugar I was eating, plus the stress of worrying that our car wouldn't make it home. Those last two hours of driving were pretty much what I expect hell would feel like.

Anyway, we were very lucky to make it home safely without killing our transmission completely. And extremely grateful! Unfortunately, trasmissions are the most complicated part of cars and hence the most expensive to fix (thousands not hundreds of dollars). Fortunately, my dad is very generous. (We actually switched cars with him a few months ago so he felt really bad.) Yesterday we got it fixed and after picking up the car, Jared went to Costco since we hadn't been grocery shopping and were in dire need of fresh food. And the sweet man that he is, brought me home these:

It had been a long time since he had given me flowers and this bouquet is gorgeous--all green and white, just like the flowers at my wedding. And thinking about my wedding makes me happy. So many thanks to my husband for being so thoughtful. I love you, hon!

This pic was taken by Asher kinda. He really wanted the camera so I let him press the button while I pointed in the general direction of the flowers. I love how this one turned out!


  1. oh man. What a nightmare! So did you have to replace the entire transmission, or just the gear?

    Kind of funny the way ours went out like yours--my parents gave us their van. And then the transmission completely died when we were en route to the beach about three weeks after Isaac was born. So I totally and completely can sympathize with you. Did you have all four kids with you, or just Asher?

  2. Just like his momma!

    And I think I would just about die going 50 mph. Kudos. And sympathies.

  3. Rach, very similar story to yours! They didn't have to replace the entire transmission but they did rebuild and replace parts. Not cheap. And yes, we had all the kids with us and my brother Mike. Fortunately, they are quite good little travelers and hung in there well. I'm just so glad we were actually able to drive the car home instead of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

  4. oh jared, you great husband you! and no bueno about the car. what a stress! i got stressed just reading about it.

  5. ugh, car trouble = no fun.
    so glad you got home safely. and that you have pretty flowers there now.