Monday, November 16, 2009

last week and a crazy story

I was not in the blogging mood last week. Other stuff was going on. I'll tell you about it more next week. (Don't I sound mysterious?) I must say again though that it was so nice to have my happy baby back. I swear he's been even happier than usual this past week. Except for the new tooth he's getting which has made the past couple nights not so much fun.

Anyway, Asher and I managed to get to the park one day last week while it was still above freezing. He had a lot of fun playing in the sand pit. Except for when this mean little girl came up and hit him! She was going around the playground trying to hit all the other kids. I had to physically block her like 5 times from getting to Asher again. Her mother finally made her go sit in the car.

Saturday Olivia had a dance performance downtown which was wonderful! I was lame and didn't bring a camera so I have no pictures. But we had a crazy experience after at Cafe Rio. We went and got lunch at the one on 4th South. We were sitting at the table closest to the door and the drink machine. The kids had finished eating and Jared and I were still working on our salads. Suddenly there was a loud crash. I looked to my right and a car had crashed right into the front door about 5 feet from our table! Glass and flown everywhere. It was all around our feet. I grabbed Asher out of the high chair to make sure he was fine. He was. Everyone was asking us if we were alright. We were. The employees quickly got things cleaned up and got us more food too. Word on the street is the woman hit the gas instead of the break when she was trying to park. Luckily no one was hurt. And very fortunately she hit the door instead of one of the many windows where there are tables right next to them.

The quote of the day? On the way home Isaac said, "Next time we go to Cafe Rio, can we sit in the back?"


  1. wow! That's the best eating-out story I've ever heard, hands down. So glad you were all okay!

  2. Honestly, I cannot think of a better, more understated, hilarious comment on a car crashing into a restaraunt than "next time can we sit in the back". That's just the stuff that movies are made of.

  3. crazy. scary. and a great story to tell at dinner parties for years to come!

    glad you're all okay.


  4. wow that is pretty freaky! Glad you are all ok.

  5. Soo glad you are all ok. Luved Isaac's request! xoxo, trina