Monday, October 12, 2009

home again

Friday night Asher and I came back home to Salt Lake City to a Daddy/Husband that missed us dearly. Our flight was delayed which meant a prolonged stay in the Albuquerque airport. That was actually harder than the flight itself because Asher wanted to crawl everywhere in the airport, but I could keep him contained on the flight. I even had an empty seat next to me which was wonderful.

Unfortunately, upon arriving home I was informed that Olivia has head lice. Not fun. I spent two hours Friday night picking nits and bugs out of her hair. Her mom did the same on Saturday night and I did it again this morning. Luckily at this point it doesn't appear to have spread to the other kids or us. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that we've got it contained. I had a horrible case of lice when I was 12 or 13--I had poison ivy at the same time so the itching didn't clue us in to the lice until it had gotten quite bad. SO SO SO gross. This brought back all those memories. Shudder.

Anyway, our trip was really nice. It is always nice to be with family and to not have to cook or clean for a week. Asher had fun hanging out with Uncle Nick and Grandma and Grandpa and chasing the dogs around. It is nice to be home though.

Want to see where we were? This is the view of Los Alamos from up on the mountain.

And here is Asher with Grandpa and Grandma.


  1. My head started itching just reading! New Mexico looks gorgeous!!

  2. Lice?? Oh NO! what a terrible welcome home token. so sorry. hope no one else gets it.

    loved all the pictures from your trip - beautiful.