Friday, October 16, 2009

an american in finland

From the ages of 4-9, I lived in Cleveland where my dad was doing his surgery residency. There were several other young LDS families there for the very same reason. One of those families had a daughter a year or two younger than myself who now lives in Finland with her husband. (still with me?) Missy and I reconnected last year sometime thanks to the wonder that is blogging. I've loved reading about their experience living in a foreign country. Missy recently gave birth to their first baby and yesterday she posted about her experience there with Finland's socialized health system. I found it fascinating. Take a look.

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  1. Very interesting to hear about this from an American who has actually experienced the system rather than most Americans who have just happy to repeat what they have heard.

    She does make the point of how much simpler some issues such as healthcare are in Finland compared to the U.S. and she is right on. When I was in Helsinki in 2005 for an academic conference, I heard the mayor of the city speak and say:
    1) that sexual equality would be easy to achieve in the U.S. if they would just pass laws like Finland's stipulating that everyone was absolutely equal no matter what, and
    2) that the U.S. ought to give free healthcare to everyone like Finland does, including everyone who comes illegally over the borders.

    A little naive about the complexity of these issues in the U.S., I think ...

    Thanks for sharing this blog post.