Saturday, September 19, 2009

soccer season

Olivia and Grace are both playing soccer this year and last week they had their first games. Both girls' teams won! This morning I missed their games because I had choir practice.... but it also meant I had time to post this. The girls are having a lot of fun and its really nice to get out on Saturday mornings and enjoy the ever cooling crisp almost Autumn air.

I've also learned that I am definitely NOT a sports photographer and have no aspirations to become one. I'll stick to portraits and flowers for now.

Liv's Game

The victory tunnel...

Grace's Game

I forgot to take a picture up close of Grace. :-( I'll have to take one next week.

And here a couple of cute Asher in his little sweater. He looked so cute.

Asher and Mommy

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  1. i think photographing sports would be challenging!! :oP Asher is daarrrling. :D I love that sweater. And you look so pretty! That color teal looks great on you!