Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i recommend

If you live in the Salt Lake City area, I recommend...

The Blue Chip Group for bulk food items and food storage. We stopped by their store today and got wheat, brown rice, and few a other items. So nice not to have to order it and wait for it to come. Definitely a perk to living in Utah, the land of many Mormons who do food storage. Thanks for tipping me off to this place, Trina!

Au Naturale, a new restaurant in Sugar House. On our way home today we saw it and were intrigued so we stopped in for lunch. Its actually fast food and even has a drive-thru but everything is natural and fresh. We got a Veggie Burger and the Veggie and Goat Cheese Wrap, plus sweet potato fries and acai berry frozen yogurt. Everything was delicious!!! The frozen yogurt was by far the best frozen yogurt I've ever had! The fries were good enough to rival Guru's, a place famous for their yummy sweet potato fries. And they even had Blue Sky Rootbeer in the fountain drinks. Any good New Mexican knows that Blue Sky Soda is the best. Jared is very picky when it comes to restaurants and he even gives Au Naturale 5 stars! Check it out!


  1. LUCKY. I'm glad you're enjoying your SLC resources. :)

  2. So fun to see you today! I luv the new fam photo, and I'm excited to try Au Naturale...sounds devine! laya, trina