Sunday, September 27, 2009

family pics

All summer I've been meaning to get pictures of the kids and somehow get one of all us. We were going to do it when we were with my family, but Asher wasn't cooperating. Then my friend Danielle was going to take a few but we couldn't get our schedules coordinated. Finally on Friday some friends came over for dinner and were willing to snap a few pics of all of us together. Earlier I had taken some of the kids. We were very short on time, so they aren't perfect. But we managed to get something Christmas Card and picture wall worthy. These were all taken in our backyard.

You may have noticed I changed the picture on my sidebar to this one:

I also like this one:

And then here a few of the kids:


  1. Qué emotivas y bonitas las fotos de tu familia.
    Son unos niños preciosos.
    Felicidades por tan linda familia.

  2. They look great! I am so glad it worked out.

  3. They are all just wonderful! I especially love the colors you chose to dress everyone seems like their personalities were jumping right out of the photos. luvs, trina

  4. love the feet picture!
    and you look stunning in purple!


  5. I love the second one down so much. The way the kids are sitting is just great. Actually, all the ones with the kids are GREAT. I need to HIRE YOU!

  6. Always a fan of a good toe picture. Well done.

  7. Si puedes pon más fotos, no creo que puedas superar lo lindo de las que ya están, pero inténtalo.Cariños a todos.