Thursday, June 25, 2009

this is the place

While my family was here a few weeks ago, we hit up the This is the Place Monument and Heritage Village. For anyone unaware, this is where we Mormons/Utahans celebrate Brigham Young coming into the valley declaring "This is the right place." Exciting stuff. Especially, when one of your great-great something grandpas was with Brigham Young.
Check it out:

I am a direct descendant of Tarleton Lewis, who was in the first group of Saints to come into the Salt Lake valley. Practically famous, I know.

Anyway, we looked at the monument.

Isaac lept.

As usual, Grace attached herself to my little brother Nick.

And then it was off to discover the Heritage Village. Because you know how much we Mormons love our historical village reenactments. While I have certainly been to my share, including this one before, I must say I learned a few new things this time around.

Highlights included: learning about washing, spinning, and weaving; children's games; Nick getting a fake shave; leather making; train rides; and the Native American Village.

And I made sure I had someone snap a picture of me and Asher just to prove that we were there too.

I have returned to the land of my birth and my ancestors.
Once again, Utah is the right place for us.

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  1. Cute picture of you and Asher! :o) That reenactment village looks like a good time for kids. I'll have to remember this place.