Wednesday, June 24, 2009

not enough "milk things"

Grace and Asher in January

The other day Grace and I were talking about Asher and babies.

Me: "Grace, do you think I should have another baby someday?"

Grace: "Yeah. Then you'd have two babies. But you shouldn't have three."

Me: "Why not three?"

Grace: "Because you only have two milk things. What if they all wanted to eat at the same time? There wouldn't be enough."

I then explained to her that babies do grow up and eventually no longer utilize the "milk things" and that by the time number 3 came along, there is no way in heck, Asher would still be nursing. Ok, so I didn't say it just like that. But you get the idea.

Kids really do say the darnedest things, don't they? Milk things? Where does she come up with this stuff?


  1. Cute. Did I tell you about the conversation Arnie and I had when I announced that I was done nursing our Asher?
    Me: I'm shutting this factory down.
    Arnie: Alright, just don't fire the workers.
    Me: OK, but there will definitely have to be some downsizing.

  2. Totally unrelated...I thought of you today when I heard someone say that they wanted a "Bump-it" off of the informercial. :)

  3. ha ha!! hilarious! :o) At least she's thought this through.

  4. Okay, that is sooooooo funny. I love the things that come out of kids mouths. AWE-some.

  5. There used to be places you could send cute things like that kids used to say. Wonder if they're still around?

    The old Relief Society Magazine was one of them. Bet that comment would be deemed to questionable for a church magazine, though.