Friday, March 20, 2009

yay for friends and spring!

Happy first day of spring! I feel like it's been spring for awhile here although we've had spurts of winter returning. Today is sunny and beautiful but only in the 50s. Yesterday was warmer and I had a fun afternoon hanging out with my friend Molly and our kiddos. Then we met up with our husbands and had a delish dinner of pupusas and rice and beans and chips. Yum! I think I could eat that meal multiple times a week.

I also got to take pictures yesterday of baby Thea. Last fall Molly let me practice taking photos of her kids Ella and Asher. Molly was pregnant at the time with Thea and I've been wanting to take pictures of her for months! Finally we got around to it. Thea is four months old and such a cutie!

I had to snap a few of big brother Asher...

And big sister Ella, who LOVES to pose for the camera!

Thanks for the fun day, Molly!

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