Saturday, March 21, 2009

8 months

Once again I am in shock that my little baby is another month old. He now only has 4 months to go until he is one year, people! He continues to delight and amuse us. These past couple weeks he has become VERY mobile, although he's not crawling yet. He is very good at scooting and turning and reaching. And he's started pulling up on things now too. It's really fun to see him gain more and more control over his little body.

One thing he isn't doing is eating solids. We thought we had a breakthrough a couple weeks back, but then he went back to refusing solids. We need to give it another go.

Other things Asher does love:

Looking at pictures--especially of himself
Looking at himself in the mirror
Playing with his toys
Stealing the remote control and cell phone
Giving Mama open mouth kisses on the cheek
Pulling Mama's hair
Playing in the bathtub
Reading and playing with books--he still LOVES all books and is always trying to get Daddy's
Sticking his tongue out
Blowing "raspberries"
Being tossed in the air by Daddy

We sure think this kid is adorable.

*Note: Asher's hair isn't actually as red as it looks here. With the sun shining on it and the colors saturated it looks more red than it is in real life. He has some red undertones which is why it showed up that way, but it's actually more of a light brownish blond.


  1. I didn't realize how red Asher's hair is getting. I am so glad you got to pass on that gorgeous gene. By the way did you win something on Giveaway today?

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  3. Polly, I added a little note about Asher's "red" hair. :-)

    And what is Giveaway? I don't know if I won anything.

  4. I think Avery's hair does the exact same always look a little bit redder in photos. But now that we have been outside a bit and its lightening up, it actually is looking more red in real life too, which I am pretty excited about. Anyway, Asher is a doll as always. He is looking more like a little boy! Can you believe how fast it goes? I can't!

  5. Sooo cute! Are you still coming soon? Isn't it this weekend? I can't remember...

  6. Oh that first one is gorgeous. His eyes are just so dreamy. He's a doll.