Friday, March 13, 2009

last weekend

Last weekend we were blessed with deliciously warm spring weather. Yesterday and today a cold front came in, but I know the warm weather will be back. I love spring! Saturday we went to check out a new park in the area. Asher had his first ever swing ride.

He was somewhat underwhelmed.

He looks so little in the swing. Whenever I feel like he's growing too fast, I'll look at these and remember he's still a baby...for a little while longer at least.

Finally a smile!

Then we just hung out on a blanket on the grass soaking in the late afternoon sun.

If you haven't gotten enough of Asher (I know I hardly have any here!) you can see more photos on Asher's blog. It is private so if you don't have an invite and want one and you aren't a stalker, email me.


  1. Asher is SO cute, Katrina! I can't wait for spring, either. We had a few days of teaser, too, and now we're back in the 20s... but it's supposed to be back in the 50s tomorrow! Can't wait to get my babies out on a swing too - they both LOVE it!

  2. lovelove the picture of jared kissing asher. so great. love you, too :)

  3. Your hair looks so incredible in the sunlight!
    I'm glad Asher finally smiled.