Thursday, March 12, 2009

celebrating with food

In my opinion it's not a special occasion without food. On our anniversary we had two fun, delicious meals.

For lunch: Yummy artisan bread, mozzarella and provolone cheese, and tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. (This has become one of my most favorite meals.) To put it over the top we also had delightful blood orange Italian creme soda.

For dinner I really wanted to do something special and surprise Jared. He often cooks amazing meals for us, but when I cook it's usually breakfast food or something simple like pasta. But not for our anniversary! I made tikka masala with chick peas and potatoes and whole wheat naan. It was spicy, creamy, and delicious! (Thanks for the link to this recipe, Rachael!)

For dessert I made Jared's favorite--key lime pie. No picture though.

I do have a photo or two of the happy couple though.


  1. oh yay! glad to see you liked the recipe. speaking of chick peas, I have a recipe for masala channa that it is totally awesome. I'm doing an Indian food dinner party on Sat--I'll have to post pictures and recipes afterwards.

  2. oh, and speaking of tomatoes, cheese, and bread, my kids' favorite meal right now is straight-from-the-oven whole-wheat bread, sliced fruit, cheese, and veggies. They eat it like there's not tomorrow (okay, so do Neil and I as well--in fact, I'm probably going to scrap the meal I had planned for tonight and just make that instead because I don't feel like a dinner battle).

  3. So we have really similar food tastes. Those would be two of my top picks as well! I need to try making Indian food again. I tried once and it just tasted like a bunch of spices and veggies that were mixed but not blended well. But we sure eat a lot of Indian food in restaurants!

    Also, that's a darling top/dress you're wearing.

  4. Was it difficult to make? That looks awesome!

  5. Rachel--thanks! Its a shirt. I got it at H&M while we were in Boston.

    Andrea-- it really wasn't hard. Its mostly just mixing things together and letting them simmer. Check out the link to the recipe. And as she says, the recipe as is actually is VERY spicy. Next time I make it I'm not going to put in the jalapeno. We love spicy and it was definitely good, but just a bit too much. The naan didn't turn out quite as soft as I would have liked, but I think my yeast was acting up.

  6. mmm...I have been such a lazy cook lately. Looks yumm-o (as Rachael would say, but not me because I think it sounds silly)

    Happy Anniversary. You two are darling, and very obviously in love.