Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i heart google map street view

The past week I've been putting in some serious time online in our hunt for a place to live in Salt Lake. And my best friend has been google map street view. I LOVE that you can put in an address and then see the neighborhood! It's freaking awesome when you are trying to get an idea for an area from across the country. What's not awesome is people who post houses without the address. I mean at least give an approximate location. Just saying "Salt Lake City" is not enough!

By the way, cross your fingers for us because we may have found the perfect place!


  1. Crossing my fingers! Maybe I need to enlist your help finding me a house. I am not very good at it as it turns out. I can't believe you are actually moving here for realsies.

  2. I know - that thing is awesome!
    Can't wait 'til you're here! Are you still willing to take pics of my girl? Hope it all works out for you!