Thursday, March 5, 2009

art for babies

My mother is an artist and we grew up spending hours going through her art books. That is how I came to be familiar with many of the world's great masterpieces and is probably the reason why I became an art lover. So I was very excited when I saw these books while we were at the Met in NYC.
They are board books illustrated with paintings from famous artists--Degas, Matisse, Monet, and Van Gogh. They are so great! There is a little rhyming story that puts a narrative to the paintings. Talk about a great way to introduce art to your little ones!

They also had this one which does the same thing but with several different artists in one book. Plus each painting has a touchable feature--you can feel the cloth on Van Gogh's bed or feel the sand on Cassatt's beach. I'm loving it! There are several others like this and the Mini Masters available. Check them out at Amazon. I definitely have plans to get more!


  1. Awesome! I will definitely be getting those.

  2. cool...thanks for posting this.

    and you are for sure invited to dine at my DI table! I am so excited for you to get here!

  3. I had a bad dream about you last night and I woke up with a furrowed brow on your behalf. Hope everything is well.