Friday, December 12, 2008

lots of asher

I had a craving for Asher pictures today. So we snapped a few here and there.
Behold the cuteness.


  1. he is a handsome little guy!

    I'm so jealous of your sweet camera...

  2. so darling, I love the bed ones best

  3. hi Katrina, I'm an Annie fan, too. So, I thought I'd stop by and say, hey. i have ya something really funny--well, not funny, funny. Just weird. My daughter is an Arizona girl and just moved back to California. She forced us to read the twilight books...she had been to twilight parties and tv show parties and she's just out there anyway, after the first book I couldn't stop, all my kids and daughter-n-law and my sister and mother (both not members of the church) got addicted. My mom kept complaining about the book, but she keeps coming over here for another. today she asked my youngest for her copy and i asked her to go to the movie. "No!" "come on, mom...don't you want to see it?" "No, the effects are bad.." "So you going to bed at 1:oo pm?" I shamed her into it.

    We just got home and for the first time ever, in her life, she said (admitted) she really, really liked the movie! she's pickin' old! ...and I asked her if she was going to dream about vampires in her room and she said, yee--ahh and then she told me she'd ask him to snuggle. TMI !!! I laughed all the way down my driveway.

    You live in a really beautiful area and your baby is sooo cute. I have two redheaded grandchildren. super characters. the 3 year old grabbed my purse just now and said "help you granny" I said, "Thank you" and right off, he said "welcome" and took off. Babies are so wonderful! Merry Christmas from So. California Susan Lazenby

  4. My favorites are the ones in the stripey shirt. I love stripey clothes, and the pictures turned out so well.