Tuesday, November 18, 2008

mr. sleepy head

So this week is turning out to be rather the opposite of last week. Instead of major hysterics and little naps, the past couple days Asher has been sleeping SO much and when he's awake he's quite happy! Yesterday he took like 5 naps, one of which was 3 hours long. (The others were all under an hour.) Last night he slept for more than 7 hours straight which was lovely. Today he took a nap this morning, was up for an hour or so, then fell asleep again this afternoon for around 3 hours! I was laying on the bed with him for that nap, and he did wake up enough to eat at one point but then was right back to sleep. And then just a few minutes ago we were both on the bed-- I was on the laptop and he was laying here playing with his monkey. I realized I hadn't felt him move in a little bit and looked down and he was totally asleep! He never falls asleep on his own like that. He pretty much always has to fall asleep in our arms and then be laid down. I think he is having a major growth spurt. I swear he looks bigger every time he wakes up! We go to the doctor on Friday for his four month check up (can you believe he is four months old already?!) and I am excited to see how he's measuring up. And to find out if all this sleeping is normal! He hasn't slept this much during the day since he was a newborn.


  1. Growth spurt!

    All my boys went through the same thing - let him sleep when he wants to. It'll only last a couple days and that cute onsie won't fit anymore! ;o)

  2. Great Blog! Beautiful photographs too! Thanks for linking to my blog.

  3. tell me about it!

    the nub has been all agitated and eating weird and all sorts of craziness.

    growth spurt, has to be!

    such a cute picture!

  4. Hey Katrina!

    Don't look a gift sleeper in the mouth! :-) All the sleeping is completely normal - and it's great isn't it????!! Thankfully it seems as if God has blessed me with 2 great sleepers! My 3 year old STILL takes a 2 - 3 hour nap every day! And my baby just sleeps wonderfully too - and lots of sleep. It used to worry me, but now I figure as long as she's happy and still sleeping at night and still eating and growing, It's alright!

    I can't believe he's 4 months already! It's amazing how quickly time goes eh?

  5. though not your intention, the description of your day made me smile because it exuded the glory that is being a mama at home with her baby. the lazy naps, the laying on the bed, the nursing, the laptops in bed etc. i loved that.

    enjoy the sleeping while you have it! one of the things that has become most apparent to me since embarking on motherhood is that once you think you have something figured out with your baby (ie: good naps, eating certain foods really well) they go through a new milestone and then you start all over again. it is sometimes exhausting, but also so very exciting.

  6. That is the fun thing about babies...they are a new adventure every day!

    LOVE that little bum in the air.

  7. I just can't believe Asher is 4 months old! I so easily remember all the premature labor stuff- has it really been that long??

    Definitely enjoy the sleeping while it lasts!

  8. Awwww--I'm such a sucker for sleeping pictures, and that is a good one. He really is getting big! If it's been said once, it's been said a million bajillion times, but babies grow SOOOO FAST!! How could our newborns be doing so much already?!