Wednesday, November 5, 2008

history is made

No matter your politics, I think we all need to feel proud of our country right now. What an exciting time to live! I am so happy that I am witness and participant to this historic moment in history. I am excited for what's to come. In case you missed it here is Barack Obama's fabulous acceptance speech last night. McCain's speech was also very good. He was so gracious. I wish we had seen more of that McCain during the campaign.


  1. We only see as much as the media wants us to see. Good speech. And hey, I'll be here to commiserate with you when you wean your baby!

  2. It's a lot easier to be excited about the election results when it was your candidate you won. However, it is true that this is a very interesting time in America. I am happy to see an African American in power and what that says about America's evolved attitude on race.

    I hope that Obama recognizes that it was his centrist statements in public that got him elected and not the leftist ones he made in private. Because ideologically, the U.S. is still a center-right country (as made evident by the passing of Prop 8 in liberal California). I just hope that he will represent us as such and not fulfill the promises that he made to Planned Parenthood, LGBT, the labor unions, and others.

    It has been noted throughout the media that the main reason voters supported Barack was because of his all-encompassing promise of "change." Well, America got what it wished for. He is definitely different than any president we have ever had before, and he will definitely bring "change." I just pray that the change he brings really is the change we need. May God bless America and our new president-elect!

  3. That first sentence in my comment above was supposed to say "who won" not "you won." Oops. I guess that was my subconscious way of saying that because your candidate won, so did you. Man, it sucks to lose. :)

  4. I agree--I liked McCain more in his concession speech than I ever have before (and not just because he had lost). I thought he was really classy.

    And Obama has some seriously talented speechwriters. He's definitely not as charismatic as Bill Clinton, but still, very impressive in his acceptance. I was moved.

  5. True, true! I get goosebumps every time I think about what an historical moment we've all seen this week. I was heartened by McCain's graciousness, and very impressed with Obama's humility and soberness.