Thursday, November 6, 2008

autumn colors

This afternoon Asher and I took a little walk outside behind our apartment building to capture the beauty of the Autumn leaves.

Asher was curled up in the sling. Despite efforts to get more of him in the photo I just could not get my right hand cranked around enough and still take the photo and my left arm was handicapped from the sling. This is the best we got.

No matter... we took advantage of our reflection in the door.

Oh yeah, for all you out west dealing with snow, it was sunny and 75 today!

What a gorgeous fall day!!!


  1. Here in SLC my kids are loving the snow. Me? not so much.

  2. We still have those colors in Ohio but
    we also have dead flowers and frosted
    windshields every morning. Its gross.

  3. No snow here, but the leaves are all falling off! Boo hoo! Love your photos! How are you liking that new camera?

  4. Those are gorgeous pictures. Fall is my very very favorite season and so I'm glad to see it's still hanging on in some parts of the world. It's getting freezing cold out here in Utah!

  5. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous fall pics. (It's something I never get to see, being from AZ.) Redheads rock! (cuz I am one also.) OK later!

  6. Nicki, pretty much I am in love!

  7. I can't get enough, thanks for sharing them all. I wanted to take some pix this year but didn't and its too late now. Though I keep looking at the ones from last year that I'll probably post at the end of my season. I LOVE the leaves changing. LOVE it.