Saturday, August 2, 2008

trying to capture the smile

Asher smiles quite a lot for a babe so young. A lot of these smiles are the dreamy, eyes-closed variety, but he does grin at us while he's awake too. They are just very hard to capture in photo form because they are quite unpredictable. I did manage to get some sorta smiles the other day while he was sleeping. You can kinda see his dimple in the blurry one. These really are just shadows of the big grins he is capable of.

And I have to share this one. How cute is that? Asher sure loves his daddy.

Unfortunately, our little man is still jaundiced and we are still stuck with the annoying bili blanket hoping to get his bilirubin levels down. They still weren't quite low enough on Friday to get rid of the blanket. Say a prayer that we'll hit the magic number on Monday morning. We really want to be free of that thing and want our Ash man to be in the clear.


  1. Katrina I've been out of the blogging world for a few weeks-CONGRATS. I haven't read all of your entries but certainly absorbed the pix. What a cutie. I also loved the beach pix-terrific. SO glad Asher is home!!

  2. Look at that sweet litle man! I can't believe he's smiling already! My middle boy started smiling and laughing REALLY early too, and he's still definitely the most good-natured out of all three! Sounds like he's going to be a keeper.