Tuesday, July 29, 2008

happy 31st birthday!!!

dearest jared,

happy birthday, love! i am typing one handed because i am holding our sweet son. i'm sorry he picked tonight to be fussy at bedtime. right now he is curled against my chest and finally sleeping. i think i will be able to join you in bed soon.

but first i want to tell you how grateful i am for the past two years that you have been in my life. you have brought such happiness and love. you have helped me grow. you have stood by my side and strengthened me when i've struggled. you have laughed and you have cried with me.

thank you for it all and thank you for creating life with me. thank you for serving me in so many ways over the past 9 months. thank you for supporting me as i worked to birth our son. he is such a gift.

i love you more, jared. happy birthday.

forever yours,


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