Thursday, August 21, 2008

happy one month, asher

Our little baby is now one month old! Here are few facts about the Ash man:

  • He loves music. He will pretty much instantly calm down if you sing to him or play music. One of his favorites is "Sunshine On My Shoulders"
  • He has started really looking at us and will respond to us when we talk to him. He especially seems to love looking at Jared.
  • He loves sleeping on our chests. In fact he is there as I type this.
  • He now weighs very close to 10 pounds and is 22 inches long. That is more than 2 inches longer than at birth and 2 pounds bigger.
  • Yesterday he rolled from his tummy to his back during tummy time.
  • He loves sleeping on his side. We lay him on his back but he often turns to his side while he sleeps.
  • When he bathe him in the sink he is perfectly calm as long as we keep warm water flowing over him with the hand spout. He also likes to take baths with Mama.
  • His coloring is still a mystery. Right now all we know is he is definitely NOT a redhead. But his hair could go either blond or brown and his eyes look like they may go brown, but its still too early to tell. They are just very dark blue/gray still.
  • He is a very noisy sleeper. He often grunts or snores or sighs, etc.
  • So far his nicknames are Ash Man, Gunter (because it sounds like grunter and he grunts a lot), and then all sorts of animals depending on what he reminds us of that day--Monkey, Turtle, Bear, Piglet, Mouse


  1. He's changed so much in a month! He's so aware now.

    I think he looks like such a mix of you and your husband. In these pictures I think he looks more like your hubby. What do you think?