Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I continued to have contractions last night but I was able to go to sleep. And this morning.... nothing. Well not nothing nothing. I still have been having the normal mild tightening kind of contractions, but not the intense onces like yesterday. So this kid might be staying in awhile longer yet.


  1. My goodness, what a roller coaster! It's great you made it this far. Good luck!

  2. Are you kind of getting impatient now that you're fine to go? lol

    I had incredibly painful false labor for two weeks before Payson finally decided to come.

    I'm hoping that isn't the case for you and little Asher...I mean, sure every day is one day closer, but hopefully he doesn't go OVER his due date. Can you imagine? After all the stress you've gone through, if he came late. lol