Tuesday, July 8, 2008

and we're back

Sorry for all the drama, but no baby yet. We went to the hospital about 4 pm. They checked me and I was still 3-4 cm, same as yesterday. So they had us walk around for an hour to see if I'd change. Nope. The contractions have definitely been more intense, but I didn't dilate more so we are back home. I'd much rather labor at home anyway. I'm in no rush.

We asked to have one of the midwives see us instead of the obs/residents. She was super nice and gave us her pager number in case things pick up. The midwife that is on call tomorrow is actually one we talked to for awhile months ago and really liked. She is really good friends with our doctor. So we'd be happy if he came tomorrow so she could deliver us.

Now it's just more waiting and dealing with the contractions. I must say I am excited to eat dinner at home.

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  1. There was this awful man doctor in the group where I had Buttercup. I found out his schedule and SWORE I would cross my legs if I went into labor on the night he was on call. Luckily, that didn't happen. Hope you get the 'doc' you want.