Saturday, July 19, 2008

labor and SYTYCD

I spent the majority of the day yesterday in more labor before it petered out in late afternoon. The closest the contractions got were 4 minutes apart. Sigh. Not even the full moon helped. This morning we went on a nice little hike and that doesn't seem to have done much either. Oh well. I'm thinking maybe this kid is gonna hold out for his dad's birthday on the 29th. That also happens to be the day my doctor is on call, so maybe he really wants her to deliver him. :-)

Switching gears to So You Think You Can Dance... was anyone else appalled that Kherington went home on Thursday instead of Comfort? I certainly was. Personally, I don't think that Comfort should have even been brought back at all. I thought she should have gone home weeks ago. They should have just not eliminated a girl this week since Jessica got hurt. Comfort is a good hip-hop dancer but she has only been so-so in the other styles. She should not be in the top 10. And although Kherington didn't have a good night on Thursday, she is such a better dancer than Comfort! Come on people! I also wish that Mark would have gone home instead of Gev. I think Gev has really improved over the show and turned out to be way more impressive than I was expecting.


  1. I can't believe how well you seem to be handling all of this! It's going to be a relief to us all (of course, mostly you and Jared) when this little boy decides to show up. Anxiously waiting...

    By the way, there's something I want to send to you - will you e-mail me your address?

  2. I completely agree with you in every way on the show. We were so upset they brought comfort back and that she didn't go home!! It was totally the hip hop with twitch that saved her. I also totally agree with mark being the one who should have gone home...he is driving me crazy!
    Next week it better be mark and comfort!

    Keep us updated about baby:) Hope he comes soon!

  3. I completely agree!! At first, I was SO annoyed they brought comfort back cause I haven't really liked her from the beginning. Then they kick off Kerington?! Gr. I'm cool with Mark staying, but Comfort has GOT to go!

    As far as baby news - I know how you feel!! Last saturday I was having regular contractions all day, so I have spent the last week making sure all the last minute details were taken care of, and have had no progression since I got everything ready! O well - at least I'm ready for when it does happen. Keep us updated! I'm always checking your blog and facebook to see if baby has come yet! Good luck!

    -Sara Haley

  4. I totally agree! On Wednesday, I called the bottom four, but I thought Mark and Comfort were the ones going. Kherington shouldn't have gone, and Comfort didn't deserve to come back at all. I was stunned. Oh, I think Mark is... creepy. I've wanted him gone for a while. Oh well, such is the story of these voting shows.

  5. Yeah, totally agree with everyone above me....I was SO shocked that Kherrington went home. You shouldn't have been to even VOTE for Comfort this week because she was already eliminated. She should have just been there because a guy needed a partner. She's going next week though. Same with Mark.

    I thought for SURE she was in the top 3 girls, along with Katee and Chelsie. Really disappointed :(

  6. You looked great today at church. No one would even know you have the right to be pulling your hair out. My opinion is that comfort should have not re-entered the competition but just been there as a fill in "body" for Twitch to dance with. I like Mark. I wanted him to stay. At least until next week...

  7. I'm totally with you on both counts. I was absolutely blown away that Mark would stay and Gev would go. Neal and I both yelled, "what!" when it was announced.

    Kherington is a better dancer in more styles than Comfort. But she seemed so tired and emotionally wrung out during her solo, and even relieved when she was let go.

    Having watched the show for a couple of seasons now, I just think the first voter-only eliminations are wierd every year.