Thursday, July 17, 2008

finally some photos from the beach

I finally got around to going through our photos from our family vacation at the beach last month. Here are a few of them.

The first moments at the beach.

The kiddos

Two white folk at the beach.

The beautiful sandcastle Lauren made.

I love this one.

Hilary and Me.

Hilary looking chic under the umbrella.

Miss Olivia wet from a swim.

Mr. Isaac after he got hit by a wave.

Miss Grace running. She did a lot of that.


Grace making her latest fake photo smile.

The whole gang at dinner on our last night there.


  1. I love his kids' names.
    Isaac and Olivia look just like their dad!

    It looks like such a perfect day. I'm glad you got that fun time with the kids before Asher gets here.

  2. Such cute photos! I especially love the umbrella one. Hope you are feeling well today.

  3. Great pictures! It looks like you're getting the hang of your camera!

  4. Cute kids! They look so much older than last year!