Friday, June 6, 2008

just the two of us

I just realized that tonight is the last night that Jared and I will be just the two of us for a long, long time. Tomorrow the kids will be here for the summer and sometime between now and August, our little Asher will arrive. The reality of this hit me quite suddenly and along with it some strong emotions and then tears. Blame those on the pregnancy hormones. With all the craziness that has been our life the past few weeks, it just hadn't really occurred to me that our time as just the two of us would really be over so soon. And I feel like we haven't really been able to enjoy it. I've been on bed rest and Jared has been working on his thesis revisions. And we still have an apartment full of boxes.

We are so excited to have the kiddos with us. It's very hard to have them so far away, but we've also been really lucky to have so much time as just the two of us to enjoy our "newlywed" time. And now here we are at the end of it. Tonight is the last night we can go out without kids or a babysitter. Crazy. The sad thing, and I think the reason behind the tears, is that we are quite limited in what we can do because of my overactive uterus. But we decided we'd go out to dinner. Now I just need to decide where.


  1. Oh I actually really do feel sad for you while reading this. I remember I had that type of moment the first night in the hospital after I had Brooklyn.
    Allan was sleeping and Brooklyn was crying (all night) and as I paced my room trying to get her to stop crying I realized it would be 18 years before she "went away" and that alone time (for myself and as a couple) was over for good.

    You probably will have a few more days with those feelings and tears, but it gets easier and after a while you completely forget the feeling of being able to go out alone (which is both good and sad, lol).

  2. Yeah, life definitely changes as far as just being able to go out and do whatever you want...but it is SOOOOOO worth it when you have that little squisher!!!

  3. oh...shoot. well just try to enjoy this special time in little a snuggle in bed. But tears are normal normal...just all part of the trip.

  4. You have just stated why Bryan and I say that kids aren't in the 5 year plan. We're excited to spend some years together, doing whatever we want, whenever we want.

    Once you have that cute baby in your arms, I'm sure all your fear will melt away and you'll enjoy being "the 3 of us" instead of "the 2 of us." My best friend still has lots of time with just her hubby, you just need to make it a priority and really take people up on their offer of free babysitting!

  5. I was so aware that this was going to happen that I even went out to lunch with Hubby and his coworkers because I knew quiet meals out were not going to be in our future.

  6. I so relate to this. Josh and I were both working a crazy amount the whole time I was pregnant, plus we had bathroom remodeling and other random project that kept cropping up. We finally decided we HAD to go on a special date the upcoming weekend and enjoy our last "alone" time. So what happened? I went into labor Friday morning. It seemed like it shouldn't have been a big deal, but the first week with the baby I sort of mourned that date because I never enjoyed the bitter-sweet "this is our last night" feeling. So at least be glad that you had that realization!

    Also, to make you feel better, we went on a date sans baby when she was about 4 weeks old. It was dinner at a restaurant that was close by, but it was really nice.

  7. You have every right to feel emotional!! Especially with boxes surrounding you and you being confined to a bed. Unfortunately, after moves, it seems my unpacked boxes stay in rooms TOO long. I hate it. And for you, I hate it even more because of your circumstances.

    Right before Ells was born I kept having those moments: this might be the last great sleep I get, or the last date, etc, etc. Its a big change-and I'm glad the reality hit you before the moment ceased. I hope you were able to enjoy your last evening.