Friday, June 20, 2008

baby shower

My wonderful friend Molly threw me a baby shower last night. Because of the bed rest situation we had to move it from her house to the lobby here at my apartment building, so all I had to do was walk down the hall and take the elevator up a couple floors. It was lovely to have a reason to get dressed and put on makeup, and even more lovely to get to chat with friends.

Here is the amazing Miss Molly, who, although you can't tell, is pregnant with her third baby and due in November.
There was delicious food, including this yummy and appropriate cake created by Molly:

And of course there were presents.
Here I am snuggling this little lamby, which is SO soft! I think Asher will love it.

Thank you, everyone, for all the wonderful gifts!

For those interested in a quick update: When I left the hospital, they checked me again and I was still dilated to a 3 or 4. My orders this time around are to be on pretty strict bed rest until I'm 35 weeks, which I will be on June 29. At that point, if he comes he'd most likely get to go home with me from the hospital. Our goal is to avoid a long NICU stay. When I do go into labor again, chances are it could go pretty quickly. I even lost my mucus plug on Tuesday. But for now, Asher is doing great. He's still moving around lots and he's growing. I gained two pounds in the last week. I see my doctor again on Tuesday and we'll see how things look then. For now, I'm just really looking forward to my family coming tomorrow!


  1. Way to go Molly! I'm glad you are being taken care of. Cute top... did that come from my closet? :-)

  2. Thanks for the update. I check here daily to see if Asher has decided to make his arrival! You said your friend barely looks pregnant, but in these photos, YOU barely look pregnant :)

  3. Good grief! Why do some babies want to check out early? One of my good friends has never gone more than 36 weeks with any of her four. That makes for a nice, short pregnancy. But I think bedrest weeks should be counted as two because they seem that long, right?

    Stay put Asher!

  4. You look so pretty! That color is great on you. I hope he stays put where he needs to. I am glad you still got to have the fun of a baby shower for your first baby.

  5. What a great celebration :-) You have a lovely bunch of friends. Best wishes Dana

  6. It looks like you had fun. I love that the cake said "be patient asher" that is great. It looks and sounds like you have great friends and a wonderful support group.

  7. How fun!! I wish I could've been there. Congrats to Molly! I'll keep praying that Asher stays patient!

    You look beautiful!!