Sunday, June 29, 2008

35 weeks

How your baby's growing: Your baby doesn't have much room to maneuver now that he's over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds (pick up a honeydew melon). Because it's so snug in your womb, he isn't likely to be doing somersaults anymore, but the number of times he kicks should remain about the same. His kidneys are fully developed now, and his liver can process some waste products. Most of his basic physical development is now complete — he'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight.

I am so relieved to have made it to 35 weeks! I feel like I don't really need to worry anymore and can get back to more or less normal. I won't be doing anything crazy, but I feel like at this point I can do what I want around the house and take trips to the store again. In another week, I'm going to start exercising again and doing whatever I want.

I'm pretty sure Asher dropped lower yesterday. There is quite a marked difference in how I looked last week and how I look this week. (See photos) I'm definitely poking out more. And I also got my first pregnancy stretch marks this week. Thursday I woke up with a couple on my hip and this morning there a few on my lower abdomen. I feel initiated now. :-)

Belly close up at 34 weeks and belly close up at 35 weeks--
Quite the difference a week can make! (And I actually have a little tan from the beach!)


  1. That's amazing the difference in a week! Congrats on getting this far!!!

  2. Oh yeah, that baby is DEFINITELY lower! Nice tan, too - Yay summer!!

  3. NOW I can see it! From week to week you just look like Katrina, but with the side by side comparison you have dropped and Asher is bigger! Way to go Mama!

  4. You look so cute! So glad you've made it this long, and I'm sure Asher is going to be in good health when he's born. One thing--and I hate to say it because I don't mean to scare you at all, but you might want to postpone the exercising and all that till after week 36. I have a friend who was actually induced at 36 weeks with a boy because of low amniotic fluid. All of the doctors said it would be perfectly fine, but his lungs ended up collapsing after he was born. He ended up being totally fine, so again, I don't mean to worry you. I would just be wary of anything that might cause you to go into labor before week 37 voluntarily. Sorry to be an annoying advice giver. Take it for what it's worth :)