Thursday, May 22, 2008

david cook takes it home

photo from the huffington post

Let's talk Idol.

Was anyone else surprised Cook took home the prize last night?

First let me say that I LOVE David Cook! He's been my favorite from early on. Although Archuleta is a talented boy, he just didn't do it for me. I found him a bit on the boring side. Sweet, humble, and very talented, but boring nonetheless. However, after Tuesday's show, I really thought Archuleta was gonna win. He had a better night. David Cook was awesome, but he didn't bring the house down the way little David did. And with all those teeny-boppers and Mormons out there, I had pretty much given up hope that Cook would win. Not that I didn't vote for him... more than once.

So last night... I was really impressed when Simon actually apologized to Cook for his comments the night before. I'm glad that Simon realized upon watching the show again that it maybe wasn't the "knock out" he said it was. And then Ryan read the results. When he said the winner won by 12 million votes, I still thought it was going to be Archuleta. But then he said David.... Cook!

Yeah, I'm happy. He totally deserves it and he's going to make a killer album! And Archuleta is going to be juuust fine. We all know that you don't have to win to go on to be successful.

What's crazy is that more than 97 million votes were cast overall, 23 million more than American Idol's previous high.

Did you vote? Who did you vote for? What did you think of the results?


  1. I watched it and was shocked as well! I am a MAJOR DC fan, so it was awesome that he won! I agree with you wholeheartedly that DA was boring. I also don't think he had the fan base DC did or is as marketable. DA only sounds good singing the ballad-y songs! Glad there is another DC sista in the hizzouse!


  2. honestly? i hated cook for most of the season. i hated his (literally) big head and his combover and the fact that he covered some of my favorite songs and, in my opinion, kind of ruined them.

    that said, archuleta IS boring, bless his sweet little talented heart. and cook grew on me. i think i've decided i like him. a little. begrudgingly.

    so i'm kind of glad he won. archuleta can go do voices for disney movies or be in the next high school musical.

    also, i kind of feel bad for his brother who actually wanted to audition and didn't even come close. that has to suck just a little.

  3. David C was my favourite from the very beginning, and I called his win way back when it was 12 of them, so I'm happy...I hope he can keep his slightly edgy-rocker thing going though in the face of what previous American Idol's have come out with as a first album - pure bubblegum pop (Carrie Underwood aside). That's the only thing I'm worried about.

  4. It bugs me that I got so wrapped up in this show!! AND. Of ALL the weeks. I couldn't watch it Tuesday OR Wednesday night!! So, I tried to see it on youtube but couldn't see it all. So, I missed the comments Simon made. Whatever it was, I think it was great of him to apologize if he felt he was in the wrong.

    I didn't vote. But here are my thoughts.

    I like them both. Archie does well in ballads but I think he does well in other areas too-I just don't think he proved it as much-didn't choose other types of songs enough (see youtube, he has other stuff...) I really really think he has such an amazing range.

    Which leads me to a complaint of Cook. I like him too but sometimes think he sound the same as well-in his raspy rock sort of way. BUT he really did do some great song arrangments that I loved.

    Just when I was starting to really like Cook, they dropped the bomb about him not originally trying out. Here's my beef with that. All along, he talks about this being a dream, yada yada. BUT. He was there, at the auditions-and wasn't going to try out? Until a producer asked him about it? If he rally wanted it-why didn't he go for it-especially since he was TheRE! Doesn't make it believable to me that he really wanted it. I don't know-that really bugs me. And of course the arrogance really bugs me, which is one reason I like ARchie-I think he's genuinely humble.

    But, as you said, AI contestants have proved over and over that it really doesn't matter how you place so long as you hang in there until the very end. I do hope that Archie will try to be more versatile in his albums.

    Its been a fun season to watch.

  5. I was pleased that David Cook won. The other David is very talented, but he didn't do it for me either.

    Take care - Kellan

  6. I didn't watch this year, but I would have voted for Cook simply based on looks. I'm shallow like that. ;)

  7. I actually was surprised it was Cook too. We voted for Archuleta about 100 times I think on all three phones:) We love him.

  8. Hi Katrina - thanks for coming by today. Have a great weekend - enjoy! SEe you - Kellan

  9. Katrina, I was on the phone today with my mom and she was giggling saying "I've been playing, watching David Cook on youtube-I love him!" Ellie hung up on us and so we just continued through email. I told her how I liked his music but shared the same bit about him as the tryout thing I said on my previous comment. I thought you might be interested in her reply:

    "You know you take on David Cook trying out is totally different than mine. I think he probably really did want to do it but hadn’t talked about it because he didn’t want to take anything away from his brother trying out and wanted him to have the chance. They said he didn’t talk about his other brother’s brain cancer at all during the program because he didn’t want to get sympathy votes and out of respect for his brother. I think he is genuinely a nice guy even though I did hear him swearing on one video. If you knew that Heidi wanted really badly to try out and you secretly did too but she asked you to go with her for moral support what would you do? Anyway, I LOVE some of his songs and the passion he has about singing them."

    I thought that was a really great point and made me see it differently. Maybe he DID want to try out but was just being supportive. Which I think is a REALLY nice thing to do.

    I didn't know anything about his brother's brain cancer?