Wednesday, March 19, 2008

shoes, clothes, belly

Remember these shoes I got last fall? They are awesome. And yes they are Crocs. They've also gotten a little dirty after 6 months of wear, so I just threw them in the dish washer last night with the dishes. They came out good as new. Gotta love that!

In other apparel news, a couple weeks ago I was perusing the Shade Clothing website and found that they have AMAZING sales! Like $6 a shirt amazing. I got 7 tops for under 50 bucks. And one of them turned out to be a sweater! I totally thought it was just t-shirt material, but nope.... a $6 sweater! It is comfy and stylish. The best combination. Here's a little sampling of what I purchased:
The color on this is amazing. And the material has a beautiful sheen to it.

I love the length of these sleeves and I've always been a sucker for a turtleneck. This is nice spring version.

Lest you think I'm ignoring the fact that I'm pregnant I also got a couple maternity t's. A short sleeve one and this one in this pretty dark blue.

And here is the sweater I mentioned earlier. The bit of sheen in the fabric shows my growing belly off nicely, even from straight on. My favorite part of this sweater are the little buttons on the neck, but it's hard to see those here.

Side view of belly.

And this belly shot we took last night (the others were this morning). I see this picture and think, "Wo, that girl is pregnant!" This was also right after dinner and at this particular angle my tummy definitely looks the biggest.


  1. Ooh I love the blue with your hair. Very pretty.

    I love the belly shots.

  2. Oh your belly is so cute!

    I love Shade shirts AND crocs...they have both gotten me through my pregnancy. In fact I have hardly bought any other maternity shirts. And my poor fat feet only fit in Crocs these days. yours are much cuter though. And I LOVE those blues on you! So good with your hair.

  3. You are positively darling. Your hair is SO red! I love it! Is it naturally that strikingly gorgeous?! are blessed to have such a beautiful hair.
    One thing (for future reference)...always buy your maternity clothes a size bigger at least b/c you will only get bigger :)
    My mom talks me into the bigger size when we shop together and within a few weeks it fits me and within a month or so it is tight.
    You look darling in both...the grey turtle neck is so chic and the electric blue is perfect.

  4. Love the shoes and LOVE the crocs. Most comfy shoes ever. I live in mine. And Katrina, you may just be the most darling pregnant person I have ever laid eyes on.

    On a side note, your apartment looks so cute in the background. Im calling for an apartment tour!!! :)

    Also, to answer your question... I guess I should have worded my blog... "the thought of having a baby NOW makes me sick." I'm much to selfish and immature at this point in my life. But its all talk. I love babies. We will see how long I last. :)

  5. You look absolutely radiant! I discovered Shade on some other blog a few weeks ago, and now I'm the proud owner of about 5 of the $6 shirts too. What a deal! And the material is so lovely.

  6. Joan, thanks for the tips. The actual maternity shirts I bought have LOTS of room to grow. Although I'm sure I'll be needing more eventually as the rest of the wardrobe becomes unwearable. And yes, my hair is natural. Thanks for the compliments! :-)

    And Andrea, I'm afraid my apartment is not nearly as cute as it may appear in those pictures. There are few nice "spots" but mostly it is books, books, and more books thanks to my academic husband. :-) And would need some serious cleaning before I'd give any tours.

    And thanks to everyone else for your sweet comments. Makes a pregnant girl feel good!

  7. You look great Kat! sO CUTE...i love the shirts!

  8. Cute shirts (and belly)! Can't believe you're so far along. Do you feel like it's going fast, or too slow?

  9. you are adorable. can't wait to see you!

  10. i echo what everyone else says - you make one cute preggy chick.

    and that reminds me, I still want a pair of those crocs - they're called Janes, right? Or something like that? I hate regular crocs but those are so cute!

  11. Katriina
    This is Missy Merkley (Ames). We were childhood friends in Ohio along with the Folsoms. Do you remember me? It is so fun to read your blog--congrats on your upcoming baby!!
    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi for old times sake.