Thursday, March 13, 2008

random pretties

I think these shoes from Delia*s are adorable. So Springy and whimsical.
Only I'm paranoid to buy new shoes in case my feet grow during pregnancy. Has anyone actually had that happen to them? It would be tragic to a shoe lover like me who already owns so many.

Someone needs to buy this dress. It is on sale right now at J.Crew. Still not cheap, I'll warn, but cheaper. And you get another 20% off. If I wasn't pregnant, I'd be sorely tempted.
I love the polka dots, don't you? And the ruffle. It's so lady like.

How cute are these?
I'm loving all the cute baby clothes from Kate Quinn Organics.
They are simple and colorful and look so cozy.
I want everything on the website.


  1. Oh you are killing me with that cute dress! I am determined to have (some sort of) a waist back in time to wear cute belted dresses this summer!

    So I would hold off on the shoes. My feet totally have gotten bigger. I have a closet full of cute shoes that are pretty sad about it too. I am just hoping they shrink back down after I am not so puffy anymore, or someone with a size 8 is going to be getting a whole bunch of hand-me-downs. We'll see.

  2. I do love the shoes, dress and the outfits!

    My feet always go up a size during pregnancy, but they don't stay that size.
    I think that it's the extra weight that flattens your foot out along with the water weight that tends to make your feet swell.
    I'm typically back in my regular size within a week after having the baby.

  3. my feet started swelling just in the past few weeks. I'm hoping they'll go back to normal soon!

  4. I love those shoes! But yes, like the others have said, they do get bigger and then shrink again with each pregnancy. Mine are a half a size bigger now than they were in high school, and I think they're that way to stay. Until I get pregnant again...

  5. I don't think my shoe size changed post-Henry. I know my feet swelled a lot at the end of my pregnancy and some shoes were more comfortable than others, but after birth, when the swelling had gone down, I could fit into all of my pre-pregnancy shoes. I wish you the same happy fortune.

    Those shoes are very cute! So is the dress. And the little sleep sacks -- fine taste you have, my dear.

    I'm loving my belly...but I get anxious to have my waistline back, too, (esp. when I see cute dresses like that.)

  6. Oooh, I want that dress too! Good find! I would buy it but it probably wouldn't be in the budget this month! Darn!

    that baby in the yellow looks like a little elf! Oh, I wish I was in a warm bundle of soft fabric right now. I think that's my clue that it's time for bed!

  7. Oh, I think you should buy the shoes. You deserve a present for being pregnant. :) You can always wear them next Spring/Summer.

    Secondly, that dress is darling. I tried it on. So cute. It may actually work for a preggers girl like yourself.

    And happy anniversary! Congrats! We got married just a few days (and one year) apart. Thanks for your congrats to us!!

  8. My feet were HUGE . Then again, it was the end of August in Ohio. It was terrible.