Friday, March 14, 2008

more baby clothes

Yesterday I got an email from the owner of Go Natural Baby. Justyn had stumbled across my blog and seeing as how I am pregnant and have an apparent affinity for organic baby clothes (based on my last post) she thought I'd be interested to know about her company.

From the website:

Go Natural Baby™ designs and manufactures Zah Collection™ a certified organic cotton baby and children's clothing line. We use only 100% certified organic cotton, low impact dyes, heavy metal free zippers and snaps, and fair trade practices.

And the clothes are cute too! Simple and soft with a hint of Zen. Plus they are having a sale right now.
How cozy does this look?


  1. Soft, cozy, and as a bonus, it looks like the baby in question could do a nice roundhouse kick in these. ;-)

  2. haha Jared is funny. Really though I am loving all the baby are so helpful!

  3. I love the baby Karate Kid look. I'm voting with Jared!

  4. The photo of the organic outfit you posted is adorable. I'd love it if you'd take a look at my new online organic baby/toddler/nursing clothing boutique. I embellish organic items and make them even more adorable. Best of luck on your pregnancy and being "green".
    Lolababiez Organics