Wednesday, January 23, 2008

obama vs. the clintons; heath ledger

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If you are paying attention to the craziness that is the presidential campaigns you know that the Clintons have been pulling out all the stops against Barack Obama. As he said in the South Carolina debate the other night, "I can't tell who I'm running against sometimes." They've been tag-teaming it and not being very nice about it, especially Bill.

In today's New York Times, columnist Maureen Dowd has a great op-ed about it: Two Against One She brings up an interesting point: "It’s odd that the first woman with a shot at becoming president is so openly dependent on her husband to drag her over the finish line."

Something to think about.

In other more tragic news, I am so sad about Heath Ledger's death. It's terribly tragic. He was a great actor and seemed like a decent guy. He was also my number one celebrity crush for years back in high school. Who didn't fall in love with his bad boy with a heart in 10 Things I Hate About You? I feel so sad for his family and especially his little daughter. It will be strange to watch the new Batman movie this summer knowing that he won't.


  1. I hear ya about Heath. We were literally shocked when we found out. I too had a mad crush on him after 10 Things I Hate About You. It will be interesting to find out how he really died, which sadly sounds most likely to be drug overdose.

  2. I feel so bad for the little girl especially, left behind from her father's death. So sad. He seemed very talented.

    That was an interesting article. It has got to be hard to try to defend yourself and want the truth to be known without appearing to be fighting back.

    I really appreciate the fact that Obama is able to acknowledge a positive from a President (Reagan), regardless of party. Its so caddy that those comments made such a stir.

  3. It's very sad about Heath Ledger - such a shame and so hard to believe. What a waste. Take care and I'll see you later. Kellan

  4. Obama may not be a good fit for this term, but he seems like a decent guy. It's such a turnoff when they get into bashing each other.

    As for Heath: what a waste. Is being a celebrity that hard? It seems like it must be - there are so many of them spiraling out of control. I for one know I wouldn't like the pressure. I would never be on TV if I could help it!