Thursday, December 20, 2007

early christmas

I fear that I may not have any presents to open on the actual day of Christmas because I've been getting all of them early. You may recall this one I got several weeks ago:
And there was this one:
And then yesterday I had my own little Christmas because I had 4, yes 4!, UPS packages waiting for me after work! Two of them were my clothes that I have already mentioned. The dresses are so cute and definitely wearable immediately. The green one was a bit darker than the picture though, but still pretty. The jean skirt I'm unsure of. Perhaps I should have waited to purchase anything that clearly maternity. But it was only $19.99! I ordered my normal size, but it seems way too big in the hips and thighs. Will my hips get bigger too eventually? I'm not sure if I should return it for the smaller size. The picture shows the skirt being quite form fitting and it is not that way on me. Thoughts anyone?

The other two packages were things Jared had ordered. One was this pregnancy book that my doctor recommended. (I kinda knew he had ordered this because he asked me a question about it.)
The other package was a complete surprise. It was very large but also very light. When I opened it, it was gift wrapped. Any guesses? It was a new DVD player! Ours died a few months ago, and we have just been watching movies on our kick-a computer monitor. But having the new DVD player will make it much easier for me to do my Ballet Workout. Thanks, honey!

What are you getting for Christmas? Or if you are like me, what have you already received?


  1. You know, it all depends (on the hips and thighs thing). Conventional wisdom is that your hips will spread slightly as you get closer to delivery so that it's easier to get that baby out. just depends. I had one friend whose hips spread to the point that she went up several dress sizes (they do come back together again, fortunately), whereas mine actually got smaller (which made me immediately resolve to have a dozen children). It just depends on how your body does pregnancy! But I would say maybe go for a smaller size, because otherwise, even if you do "spread" a bit, it won't fit until the 9th month or so.

    And for Christmas--I got a new treadmill. Hurray! Hurrah! Other than that, I don't know. My husband keeps mentioning things like "oh yeah, I was going to get you that for Christmas" but seeing as how it's Dec. 20th and I KNOW he hasn't ordered anything...we'll see.

  2. for christmas I got 60$ from my grandmother, a beautiful spiral notebook with a monet print as the cover and a gorgeous throw blanket.
    From my dad I got 200$ and a few other random gifts, including a personally made calendar of my Grandmother & sister and brother, as well as a 8x10 gorgeously framed picture of the four of them.

    And from my mom I got new clothes that I can use on our yoga trip in a few days, as well as she's covering the cost of 90% of the trip.

    And that's pretty much all the christmas gifts I'm going to get this year - I always hate waiting until the 25th, so I'm fine with opening my gifts as I get them :D

  3. the padres-in-law gave us a netflix subscription (movie suggestions, anyone?) and david's sister and her husband gave our piano a much needed tuning. hooray!

    and i'm still debating ordering that dress...

  4. Clothes are SO difficult when you are pregnant. This is my strategy:

    Darlin, get ready. Everything will get bigger. It won't be for quite a while though. Don't return the skirt. It will probably fit your second trimester and maybe into your third a little. I am a size 2 when I am not pregnant and return to that after ( currently I'm a 4 and still working on it after my second birth 3 mo. ago!). When I can't fit my clothes anymore, I get a few things in a size 6 to wear as I fill out and also after I have the baby. Then, when those are getting tight and my tummy is expanding, I wear size small maternity. Next I wear size medium maternity. After the baby I am a size six for a couple months and then shrink back down.

    I got up to 128 with my first pregnancy and 127 with my second. So, I don't get huge (gained 32 lbs. this last time). I tell you that just to say that I have a normal weight gain and most importantly, When I am first pregnant, size small maternity things fall off of me. They will soon fit.

    And, yes, your hips will spread apart to make room for the baby. This alone will account for needing to go up a size or two in pants.

    Hope this wasn't too much info.

  5. I ordered my husband a telescope and I'm anxiously waiting for it to arrive!

  6. My hips are the same now as they were before...but when I'm pregnant? Um, they get bigger - much, much bigger. Just the tummy getting bigger will pull your clothes forward and to the side. You'll see. :)

    I got braces and Photoshop for Christmas! Yay me!

  7. oh, i need to clarify--it wasn't my hips that got smaller (i think that would be impossible to some extent) but my thighs. and I think that was just because all my good ol' skin/fat stores got pulled upward into my stomach.

    anyway, I think that if it's way big and it's a maternity skirt, you probably should go smaller. most maternity brands are designed so that you wear the same size as when you're not pregnant. just depends on when in your pregnancy you want to wear it! (i.e. months 3-6 vs. 8-9 would have way diff. things)