Thursday, November 1, 2007

halloween in utah

As anyone who has been reading my blog the past week knows, Jared has been in Utah spending some time with his three kiddos. They had Monday and Tuesday off of school and then yesterday was Halloween, so he got some good time with them. He also made/assembled all of their costumes. And I'm totally impressed! He did their makeup and everything.

Olivia the Vampire
(Very scary! I like the blood!)

Isaac the Robot
(I think this costume is sweet! Click on it to get a better view of the details. Great job, honey!)

Grace the Spider
(What four-year-old little girl wants to be a spider for Halloween? Grace, that's who. She cracks me up.)

The trick-or-treaters with their costume-making dad.

I sure do miss these people. But at least I get Jared home tonight!


  1. wow! way to go, jared. my fave is the robot -- so cute! Thank goodness it's Thursday, eh? (yippeee!)

  2. love the costumes!

    Your family is so cute!!!

  3. very impressive. um I am glad he is coming home because I was a little bit worried that if some crazy stalker read your last post then they would know you were home alone. And when I say I was worried...I mean literally I was laying in bed thinking about it last night. I mean not that you can't take care of yourself and everything. Ok I'm done.

  4. Thanks for worrying about me, Danielle! I admit I did think for a minute about the possibility of a crazy stalker coming after me. But it would be semi-difficult to get our address and I highly doubt there are any crazy stalkers reading my blog (especially ones that live close enough to actually stalk me). Plus, I just don't get that scared about such things. I'm not scared when Jared is away, just lonely. Also, I have neighbors that would most definitely hear me scream. The apartment walls are not that thick. And we have double dead bolts on our door and live on the third floor. I feel safe. So stay away stalkers!

    But I'm REALLY glad my hubbie is on his way home!!!

  5. GREAT costumes!!! So what's the big green button made out of? Very creative. I'm so glad he got to be with them. I had just been wondering when he/you'd get to see them again...and they you informed us a while ago. I think that's great. Good daddy!

  6. The button is actually a light up ball that Isaac had. Pretty creative huh?

  7. Excellent costumes.

    I think Grace has found her calling in life.