Thursday, October 4, 2007

i am a woman and i like milk

Today, I truly entered the realm of womanhood. I survived my first real visit to the gyno. The kind where you wear paper and use stirrups. It was not NEARLY has uncomfortable as I thought it would be. And was also quite short. I don't know why had I envisioned it taking longer.

Also, I really love this stuff. You should try it out.

And speaking of milk, although of the dairy variety, I still want to know what you all are paying for it. So scroll down and tell me. Thanks.

PS...(Added for clarification) I am not pregnant, just relieved to have had a positive doctor experience. My doctor was so nice and appropriately chatty that I felt oh-so-very comfortable.


  1. ok so i'm curious, since people don't usually mention OB visits. are you hinting at something? is there a new anderson on the way?

  2. funny. no, I'm not pregnant but we are planning on making that attempt in a few months. I was just so relieved by the visit. It was so much better than I was expecting so I threw it on here. :-)

  3. story: after my first doctor visit, my mother told me, "...and that is how it will feel the first time you have sex." which is, of course, what i wanted to hear at that moment. thank you for that delightful memory, mother.

  4. That's really funny. I'm SO glad I waited until after I'd been married a little while before being subjected to the speculum. I'm pretty sure it would not have been so painless had I not.